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Pig Shit Thick


  • Dit
    Jan 03,  · Yiannopoulos told fans at Minnesota State University that Joe Bernstein, a media writer at BuzzFeed News, represents “a typical example of a sort of thick-as-pig shit media Jew, who has all.
  • Kazrazilkree
    1) Unteachable or untrainable 2) Cant see the obvious if it bit them on the arse 3) Someone who, by their very existence, are proof positive that information CANNOT be absorbed by osmossis. See THICK AS TWO SHORT PLANKS. 3) George W. Bush.
  • Dujar
    Definition of thick as pig shit in the Idioms Dictionary. thick as pig shit phrase. What does thick as pig shit expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  • Nikojas
    (as) thick as pig shit Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. vulgar slang Remarkably stupid, dimwitted, or obtuse.
  • Faujora
    Aug 20,  · thick as pig-shit: [adjective] very unintelligent. From " thick " meaning unintelligent. My boss is thick as pig-shit. See more words with the same meaning: unintelligent, dumb.
  • Nekazahn
    May 08,  · The British public are as thick as fucking pig shit, it has been confirmed this morning. When voters were asked to choose between lots and lots of pain and slightly less pain, a majority asked if they could have the options explained again more slowly.
  • Taugami
    Jun 23,  · Noel Gallagher on Brexit Vote: “99 Percent of the People Are Thick as Pig Shit” “I like the fact that it sounds like a cereal; a bowl of Brexit!” By Matthew Straus s.
  • Yole
    May 16,  · to be very happy, lovin life. Background: Coming from the fact that a pig is generally happier in it's own environment - it's own faeces (Makes tastier and tenderer Bacon and Sausages) Def: Where one person is extremely happy in the environment they find themselves in.
  • Yokinos
    Entries with "thick as pig shit" thick as shit: thick as shit (English) Adjective thick as shit (not comparable) (vulgar, simile) Extremely geitridefrasmaronilabiccithege.coms thick as a brick thick as pig shit. thick as pigshit: see also thick as pig shit‎ thick as pigshit (English) Adjective thick as pigshit (not comparable) Alternative form of thick as pig shit.

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