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Empty Sarkophag


  • Kajigal
    A sarcophagus (plural sarcophagi) is a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, most commonly carved in stone, and usually displayed above ground, though it may also be word "sarcophagus" comes from the Greek σάρξ sarx meaning "flesh", and φαγεῖν phagein meaning "to eat"; hence sarcophagus means "flesh-eating", from the phrase lithos sarkophagos (λίθος.
  • Braktilar
    "No problem, I have an large and empty bag of holding," the Ranger said. So, problem solved, the sarcophagus would be put away for study and sales for a later time. In the meantime I wrote it down and earmarked the page in my notes. Little did the party know that the obligatory mummy that exist in every pyramid was in the coffin.
  • Gazragore
    Der Erste Sarkophag: Bringe in jeder End Phase deines Gegners 1 Karte aus deiner Hand oder deinem Deck offen auf deine Spielfeldseite in der Reihenfolge „Der Zweite Sarkophag“, „Der Dritte Sarkophag“. Wenn eine davon vom Spielfeld entfernt wird, werden alle Card effect types: Trigger-like, Continuous-like, Trigger-like.
  • Voodoosar
    Mar 27,  · For years, a 2,year-old Egyptian sarcophagus lay in the University of Sydney's Nicholson Museum untouched and mostly ignored. The ancient coffin was thought to be empty - .
  • Gataxe
    sar·coph·a·gus (sär-kŏf′ə-gəs) n. pl. sar·coph·a·gi (-jī′) or sar·coph·a·gus·es A stone coffin, often inscribed or decorated with sculpture. [Latin, from Greek sarkophagos, coffin, from (lithos) sarkophagos, limestone that consumed the flesh of corpses laid in it: sarx, sark-, flesh + -phagos, -phagous.] Word History: Sarcophagus.
  • Yolkis
    In Sarkophag, each player has ten cards in hand. Each round, each player plays exactly one card. The second card played determines whether subsequent cards in the round must be higher or lower than what was led. Whoever plays the highest/lowest card (depending on what that second card determined) takes the "trick", collecting all the cards.
  • Brazuru
    The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant sarcophagus or Shelter Structure (Ukrainian: Об'єкт "Укриття") was a massive steel and concrete structure covering the nuclear reactor number 4 building of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power was designed to limit radioactive contamination of the environment following the Chernobyl disaster, by encasing the most dangerous area and protecting.
  • Vigor
    In the burial practices of ancient Rome and Roman funerary art, marble and limestone sarcophagi elaborately carved in relief were characteristic of elite inhumation burials from the 2nd to the 4th centuries AD. At least 10, Roman sarcophagi have survived, with fragments possibly representing as many as 20, Although mythological scenes have been quite widely studied, sarcophagus relief.
  • Shadal
    Description. An ornate sarcophagus. It is slightly ajar. Occurrence. Ruins; Result (60% odds) Hidden treasures! (Gain loot) (20% odds) The sarcophagus is completely empty.

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